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Statement of Warranties


Rope & Cable Pty Ltd Warranty statement June 2021.

Rope & Cable Pty Ltd source quality Stainless Wire & Hardware from reputable companyís around the Globe.

It is the desire of Swageturn (2008) Ltd and its distributor Rope & Cable Pty Ltd to offer proven, quality merchandise at competitive prices and for that purpose, we have incorporated in our catalogue descriptions and specifications of goods illustrated. While we believe these goods to be suitable for the general purpose described, each customer must satisfy himself regarding the quality and suitability of the goods for the customerís particular purpose and be the sole judge thereof.

In addition to the statutory Warranties prescribed by Part V, Division 2A of the Trade Practices Act and other legislation, which warranties cannot be excluded, restricted or modified the Rope & Cable Pty Ltd warrants as follows.

  1. That the products are of good and merchantable quality and fit for their designed purpose and free of defects when delivered.
  2. That sole liability of Rope & Cable Pty Ltd or the manufacturer (Swageturn (2008) Ltd) in relation to any alleged breach of warranty or other obligation implied by law is limited to anyone of the following as Rope & Cable Pty Ltd elects.
    1. The replacement of the product or the supply of equivalent product.
    2. The repair of the product.
    3. The payment of the cost of replacing the product or equivalent products.
    4. The payment of the cost of having the products repaired.
  3. The warranty given in sub clause 1 and any other warranties which are implied by law and which cannot be excluded shall not apply.
    1. To products that have been improperly fitted, improperly maintained, or used in any application for which they have not been designed.
    2. To normal wear which can be reasonably be expected in normal use of the product.
    3. Where there has been failure by the customer or end user of the products to carry out or observe instructions or directions given by Rope & Cable Pty Ltd and/or the manufacturer (Swageturn (2008) Ltd.)
    4. Where there has been a modification or repair of the products attempted or carried out by the customer or any other person.
  4. In no circumstances Shall Rope & Cable Pty Ltd or the manufacturer (Swageturn (2008) Ltd.) be liable to any customer for any consequential or incidental loss or damages arising from any defective product supplied and the customer especially acknowledges that Rope & Cable Pty Ltd liability shall be limited as set out herein.

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