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  Removable Clothes Line


Removable Awning Clothes Line Kit (REM001)

The Removable Kit is designed for a POP TOP van  to allow access for the door to open when the awning is in the closed position. It can also be used on a full sized van as a second line or if you don't want to travel with it on.

It has been designed to be easily removed to allow access to a pop top van door when the awning is in the closed position. The removable line can remain on during travel or stay on permanently if you like.  

Fixed or removable Removable Removable
 Removable  Removable  Removable
Removable Removable  

Removable awning - Installation instructions (PDF)


How to Measure the Length Needed for your Awning Clothes Line. 

Whether you are purchasing a Fixed or Removable line the measurement we require is the same.   Your need to measure the inside from one awning arm to the other. Please see the picture below: 




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