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Our international supplier is devoted to high carbon wire and rope manufacturing. Their long experience of wire and rope manufacturing enables them to design and manufacture wire and rope with optimal balance between high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, and structural stability.


Galvanised Wire G2070 IWRC

Code Dia mm CONST MBL Reel Length
GSWR2077 2.0mm 7x7 260 1000mtr
GSWR4077 4.0mm 7x7 1,285 1000mtr



Galvanised Wire G2070 IWRC

Code Dia mm CONST MBL Reel Length  
GNBSWR4719 4.0mm 7x19 1,648 1000mtr nylon coated
GSWR60719 6.0mm 7x19 2,702 1000mtr
GSWR80719 8.0mm 7x19 4,700 1000mtr
GSWR10719 10.0mm 7x19 7,493 1000mtr
GSWR11719 11.0mm 7x19 8,530 1000mtr
GSWR12719 12.0mm 7x19 10,790 1000mtr


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