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Rope & Cable has available a full range of tools for your Cutting needs. Either for purchase or short term hire (subject to availability of course!) This is where you'll find all those tools that you need to have for that special project.

We encourage safety in the use of these products:

  • Use safety glasses and safety shoes
  • Use the correct cutting tool for the material in question
  • Do not exceed rated cutting capacity
  • Keep the tool in good order, well oiled and safe operation
  • Cut with the jaws at a right angle to the material
  • Minimise any flying metal, wrap a cloth or rag around the cutters jaws

Our range of Tools includes:


Swaging/Crimping Tools

Designed for swaging or crimping copper or aluminium swages. Forged alloy steel, heat treated jaws designed to produce a tight, clean compression of copper and aluminium swages. Available in Crimp & Wire Rope Cutter or Crimp only.

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50T Hydraulic Swage Press

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Cable Cutters

Forged alloy tool steel jaws, shear cut blades give sharp, clean cut with minimal distortion. Cuts soft, non-steel cable such as lead and rubber covered aluminium and copper cable. Not for cutting ACSR, wire rope, steel or self supporting strand. Comfortable rubber grip handles.

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30T Swage Press with Hand Pump

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Wire Rope Cutters

Shear cut blades specially designed for cutting soft and hard cable, wire rope and ACSR. Comfortable rubber grip handles.

Designed for cutting wire rope, piano steel wire, ACSR cable and aircraft cable. Comfortable rubber grip handles. Shear cut blades give clean, sharp cut.

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