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From time to time, we have had a number of clients who have required that little extra service, and at most times, we provide this at no charge. We are happy to provide these services, however please note, that there is always a cost to us when we do, therefore, we really appreciate your continued business so that we may in turn, continue to provide these valuable services to you.

Support us, and we support you!

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Hydraulic Swaging

In a lot of circumstances we can provide swaging services (subject to availability of staff and equipment) for a nominal fee. This service is available for your balustrading and other work requirements when we supply the wire and connectors.

Please feel free to enquire as to the costs, you’ll find we are very reasonably priced and where practical, we will provide you a demonstration on how to operate the machinery. We would like you to take note of our competitively priced Hydraulic Swaging machine we have organized to be manufactured locally. Additionally, we have a quality source of Swaging Machines currently being imported, at very reasonable prices. Enquire now!


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On – site installations

Through our agents, we can arrange on-site installation for nearly all of your balustrading needs throughout most of Australia. Contact us now for our agent’s details.


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DIY wire balustrading

DIY is an area that will frighten most, and a challenge by others to be relished. As there are many combinations, contact us with your plans and ideas, and we will respond accordingly. Please ask how our agents may assist you. DIY/Installations


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Made to order

As well as volume purchases, we can supply “Make to Order” requests. Specific off the roll cuts can be arranged, as well as fitting your desired connectors (all at an additional price of course!) Please note consulting as well as swaging and on-site installation services are available. Please ask for our “template” for Make to Order requirements, which we can fax or email straight to you.


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As an additional service, we offer consulting services for your Balustrading, wiring and your other stainless requirements. This service is available to customers who have a real need with the view of sourcing the nominated products through the Rope & Cable. This service is available subject to staff availability, please note that as this is a free service, we cannot be held responsible for any advice or suggestions that we may offer. All certifications and the like must be obtained through your normal channels

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